The New Suits Show: Everything We Know About The Spinoff

Although Aaron Korsh and NBCUniversal are developing a new Suits series, little is known about this first Suits TV show since Pearson in 2019.

if not much has been released thus far, there is a strong sense of excitement surrounding the return to the world of Harvey, Donna, and Mike in the new Suits series that Aaron Korsh and NBCUniversal are producing (even if they might not be involved). The drama series Suits, which ran from 2011 to 2019, centered on the slick litigator Harvey Specter and his mentor Mike Ross, a college dropout with an amazing memory.

The show’s cast was led by Patrick J. Adams and Gabriel Macht. Even though it was popular at the time, Suits gained popularity once more after it was added to Netflix in 2023.

The Aaron Korsh show managed to surpass Wednesday and Netflix’s dominant series Stranger Things in 2022 to become the most-watched program in the platform’s history, against Aaron Korsh’s own predictions. Naturally, this momentum sparked curiosity and queries regarding Suits’ future and potential comeback. As it turned out, later that year, it was reported that Aaron Korsh and NBCUniversal were working on a new spinoff centered on the Suits universe.

The most current news on Aaron Korsh’s new Suits TV program came on October 12, 2023. The first new Suits TV program from the original creator since 2019’s spinoff Pearson was revealed via a source from Deadline. It is supposed to be a new show set in the Suits universe rather than a reboot or revival. According to the rumor, the concept is akin to CSI or NCIS, with LA serving as the backdrop and the ensemble consisting primarily or solely of fresh individuals.

The members of Aaron Korsh’s new Suits cast are still unknown. It’s highly likely that the project hasn’t been completed yet as well, considering how early in its development it is. The most conjecture surrounds the attendance of Suits cast members, including Mike, Sarah Rafferty, and Gabriel Macht as Harvey and Donna, respectively. It’s hard to say right now, but what has been hinted at so far suggests they might not return as well as supports the possibility.

The new Suits series is being marketed as a fresh narrative within the Suits universe. It’s definitely not a reboot, nor is it the eagerly anticipated Suits comeback, according to Aaron Korsh. It’s unlikely that returning Suits alumni will make up the primary cast because this isn’t a revival. The future spinoff, whatever it is, will not be a spiritual sequel to Suits season 10 in every way.

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