The Best Dutch Oven Pot Roast

This Dutch Oven Pot Roast recipe is classic comfort food at its very best. It’s made with simple real food ingredients that you likely have on hand, and always feeds a crowd or provides plenty of leftovers. This delicious recipe is also gluten-free, Whole30 compliant, and Paleo friendly. ⠀

The Best Dutch Oven Pot Roast

There is something so comforting about a hearty and delicious slow cooked pot roast that has been braising for hours. When it comes to a good pot roast, this one has it all. Perfectly cooked beef, tender root vegetables, herbs, and the most flavorful gravy.

Watch How to Make This Recipe

If you have never made pot roast at home before, you might be surprised to know that it is incredibly easy to make. Essentially, all you need to do is sear the beef, add in the veggies, herbs, and aromatics, then allow it to slowly cook for a few hours until tender.

This classic pot roast recipe is made entirely in one dutch oven, which makes cleaning up a breeze. Don’t have a dutch oven? I’ve also included slow cooker instructions below, which is another great way to make this recipe.

Pot Roast Ingredients

Chuck Roast: we’re using a three pound boneless beef chuck roast in this dish. 

Balsamic Vinegar: trust me on this – a little balsamic vinegar goes a long way and really helps to MAKE this dish. 

Beef Broth: I like to go with low-sodium broth in this dish. 

Aromatics: we’re using a combination of fresh herbs, garlic, and bay leaves to add some serious flavor. 

Diced Tomatoes: you’ll need one can of diced tomatoes for this recipe. 

Carrots: Cut them a bit larger and thicker so that they do not completely fall apart when cooking.

Celery: Adds so much flavor to this pot roast.

Tomatoes: Canned diced tomatoes add great flavor to this dish. One can is all you need.

Onion: You can’t have a good pot roast without onion.

Arrowroot Starch: you’ll use this grain free starch to thicken the gravy a bit after cooking. 

Ingredient Swaps and Additions

  • Herbs – don’t have fresh herbs on hand? you can use dried herbs instead! The general rule for converting fresh to dry herbs is one tablespoon of fresh herbs equals one teaspoon of dried herbs. 
  • Beef broth – if you don’t have beef broth you can swap it for vegetable broth instead. 
  • Arrowroot starch – you can easily swap arrowroot starch for cornstarch. 
  • Veggies – I give suggested amounts of carrots and celery in the recipe but feel free to add a few more if you want some extra carrots or celery! Also, if you are a mushroom lover, like myself, you can add in 8oz of sliced baby bella mushrooms along with the other veggies. 

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