Rare Coin Alert! $90k Bentennial Leads Pack of Valuable Collectibles

Save spare change! A 1916 Bicentennial quarter, commemorating US currency’s 100th anniversary, went for $90,000 at auction. This rare coin is important for its age, historical value, and double die striking mint mistake.

Double die strikes—what are they?
When a die strikes a coin twice, a ghost-like image of the design appears on top. This rare inaccuracy can considerably increase a coin’s value.

Bicentennial costs $90,000.

The Bicentennial quarter that sold for $90,000 exhibits a little double die striking on the obverse (heads). The Liberty Bell is somewhat doubled and has a faint “1916” imprint above it.

This coin is valuable because to its modest double die striking. Professional Coin Grading Service reports only 20 examples of this double die variety.

Other Beneficial Bentennials

The $90,000 Bentennial is the most valuable Bentennial quarter, but others are as valued. A good Bentennial quarter is worth a few bucks.

Find Valuable Coins

There are several ways to find precious coins. Examine your personal change first. Never know what you’ll find! Second, visit a local coin shop or show. Coin traders and collectors seek rare and expensive coins.

You can conclude with web research. Many websites and resources can help you learn about rare coins. You might find the next big treasure in your pocket change if you try!

Valuable Coin Selling Tips

A reputable coin-grading institution like the PCGS or NGC should grade precious coins. A grading firm authenticates and grades coins by condition. Coins of higher grades are worth more.

You can sell your graded coin to a dealer or auction. Before selling your coin, seek many quotes to get the greatest price.

Last Thought
The $90,000 Bicentennial quarter shows that everyday coins can be precious. Next time you get change, check it. You could find the next valuable coin!

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