Olivia Dunne’s sister has the biggest flex this Halloween, “I get half a million to just show up at parties”

Athletes in college, such as Olivia Dunne of the LSU Tigers, are celebrities in their own right. Though they are a strong football team, Dunne is more well-liked than the Tigers. But it appears that her sister is also benefiting from her fame.

With multiple NIL deals under her belt, Olivia is the most sought-after collegiate athlete in the nation. And Julz Dunne, her sister, had the largest flex possible for Halloween. Julz wants to encourage her followers—whether they be her sister or herself—to pursue success.

So what is Olivia Dunne’s sister flexing about this Halloween?

The extraordinary life of Julz Dunne, Olivia Dunne’s sister

This Halloween, Julz Dunne used Instagram to brag about the amazing life she is currently leading. She informed her followers via a photo and a brief statement on her Instagram story that she receives half a million dollars for simply “showing up at parties.” Also, her T-shirt said, “Stop being poor,” as a message to all of her admirers.

Olivia Dunne became well-known by building a brand around her NCAA gymnastics career and herself. She claims that Julz is the creative force behind that brand. She might have merited this flex, then.

The creative mind behind Olivia Dunne

Julz Dunne assists her younger sister Olivia Dunne in building her social media empire while working for her as a paid employee. Also, she assists her in obtaining all of the NIL agreements that have been coming in. Even after Julz graduated from LSU, she continues to support her sister’s social media presence.

In addition to supporting Olivia, Julz runs a social media company where she helps student-athletes obtain additional NIL opportunities. She therefore works for more than just her sister.

Working with Olivia, whom Julz finds ambitious but humble, is enjoyable. The sisters help people achieve their objectives while also growing their businesses.

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