Lucky Finds: $80k Bicentennial Quarter Headlines List of 5 Other Valuable Quarters

A remarkable discovery has sent shockwaves across the numismatic community, where history whispers via clinking coins. A seemingly innocuous bicentennial quarter, issued in 1976 to honor America’s 200th birthday, has been valued at an astounding $80,000. This expensive price is due to a rare manufacturing accident that resulted in an off-center strike that left Washington’s picture half off the coin’s face. While this specific quarter is the most valuable in terms of astronomical value, it also serves as a lighthouse, telling us that hidden gems may exist among our loose change. So, before you dump that stack of quarters into the laundry basket, consider these five other important specimens you may be holding unknowingly:

Washington Quarter Double Die, 1932:

This magnificent coin, depicting George Washington in a grim aspect, has a special place in American numismatics. A double die fault during minting produced an intriguing visual effect in which details such as Washington’s hair and the date were duplicated. While not as precious as the $80,000 Bicentennial, uncirculated double die quarters can bring up to $10,000, making them a sought-after treasure for collectors.

1954 Franklin Half Dollar Proof:

While not officially a quarter, this half dollar is worth noting. The magnificent Franklin design, with Benjamin Franklin on the obverse and the Liberty Bell on the reverse, was only available as a proof coin in 1954. These perfect specimens, struck with superb detail, can fetch up to $5,000, making them an excellent investment for serious collectors. To recognize a genuine proof coin, look for a bright, reflecting surface with sharp features.

1964-D Kennedy Half Dollar “D over S” Variety:

Following President John F. Kennedy’s assassination in 1963, a commemorative half-dollar design replaced the typical Walking Liberty symbol. A small number of 1964-dated half dollars were, however, accidentally struck at the Denver mint (“D”) rather than the San Francisco mint (“S”). This inaccuracy, as well as a “D over S” variant in which the Denver D appears faintly beneath the San Francisco S, can raise the coin’s value to around $2,000.

Sacagawea Dollar “Double Earlobe” 1979:

This current dollar coin, which depicts Sacagawea, the Lewis and Clark expedition’s guide, conceals an intriguing truth. A small die shift during manufacture generated a characteristic doubling of the right earlobe on some 1979 Sacagawea dollars. While not as expensive as the aforementioned coins, in good condition, these “double earlobe” dollars can still bring approximately $100, making them worth a closer study in your dollar coin collection.

2009 State Quarter Double Die Errors:

Each state in the United States gets its own commemorative quarter design throughout 2009. However, several of these quarters had double-die faults, which created an eye-catching visual impact. While not all double-die variants are equally valued, some, such as the 2009 Vermont double die with a doubled date, can command hundreds of dollars. Inspecting your state quarters for duplicated details, especially in the date and inscriptions, could lead to the discovery of a secret fortune.

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