Despite Being Slammed by Critics With Negative Reviews, Henry Cavill’s Farewell Catapults The Witcher S3 to Top 10 Position in Nielsen Streaming Charts

Henry Cavill has performed a number of legendary characters during his Hollywood career and is a perfect actor. There has never been a criticism about Cavill playing a comic book or literary character, from iconic giants like Superman in the DCEU to Geralt of Rivia in Netflix’s The Witcher.

Even though Cavill helped The Witcher series get off the ground, fate had other plans for the actor. Henry Cavill may be the reason why The Witcher, a critically panned Netflix series, made the top 10 Nielsen streaming list with his final performance as Geralt of Rivia!
The Witcher Made the Top 10 on Nielsen’s List after Henry Cavill left.

The world celebrated when Cavill played Geralt in The Witcher back in 2019. Fans discovered that The Witcher was one of the few enduring series that faithfully reproduced the source material after noticing a strong resemblance between The Witcher games and the book.

Henry Cavill left the program after season 2 finished due to a creative disagreement between the Man of Steel star and writer Lauren S. Hissrich. The actor revealed that season 3 will be his final appearance as the White Wolf and that Liam Hemsworth will take over the role in season 4.

Netflix’s recent release of Season 3 received negative reviews and was widely regarded as a major failure. The third season had an average rating of 6.0/10 on IMDB, with seasons 1 and 2 receiving ratings of about 8.5/10. Despite the criticism and sorrow over Cavill’s departure, The Witcher accomplished one fantastic feat.

The Witcher on Netflix is now at fourth place on Nielsen’s Top Ten Lists, with 868 million minutes streamed globally. People all over the world are making assumptions about why the series did so well despite unfavorable reviews: after all, it was Cavill’s departure. claiming that it was a way to honor the actor as Henry Cavill moves on to greater things.

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