The 10 Best IMDb ‘Yellowstone’ Episodes.

Taylor Sheridan's Yellowstone proves America's Western obsession isn't fading. Yellowstone, starring Kevin Costner as farmstead matriarch John Dutton.

reaches all the current Western high points, even when the characters fall to new lows.

John's children Beth, Kayce, and Jamie are played by Kelly Reilly, Luke Grimes, and Wes Bentley.

The Dutton family moved west in the late 1800s from Montana. Building an empire that John Dutton and his children are fighting to preserve.

New rivalries are emerging from old ones. Yellowstone delivers some of the best new-old West episodes in its fifth season.

John Dutton takes Jimmy Hurdstrom (Jefferson White), a former drug dealer turned cowboy, under his wing in Yellowstone at the behest of his grandfather Dick (Stanley Peternel).

Jimmy learns ranching and becomes a bronco rider at Yellowstone despite initial difficulties. Accidentally riding a bronco ended a dream.

Chief Thomas Rainwater (Gil Birmingham) faces another obstacle that could derail his casino-building plans.