outlanders creator expresses worry over the jamie fraser story in the midseason finale

As the fantasy drama Outlander enters its eighth and final season before being terminated, viewers are eager to learn the fate of one of the show's most cherished characters.

After seeing the most recent episode of Outlander, dedicated viewers were left on edge.

Sam Heughan's Jamie Fraser is seen lying on the battlefield, covered in blood, and may be unconscious or terminally wounded in the final shot of the episode.

The actor who plays Jamie hasn't given away too much plot information, which is nice, on the Starz YouTube website where he discusses the filming of that episode.

His statement was, "The Battle of Saratoga is a big one for everyone involved." The next thing he said, though, might make some people uncomfortable.

Then Sam continued, "Yes, Jamie is an older man, and let's just say that things don't turn out too well for him."

Is it feasible that this is the last we see of the beloved protagonist? Is this story as simple as it seems, or is there more to it?

The seventh season's midseason finale will air next week, allowing fans to find out if their predictions were accurate.