During an LSU gymnastics workout, Olivia Dunne shows how flexible she is in tight sportswear.

Olivia Dunne, a star dancer at LSU, has once again made social media buzz with her incredible flexibility and athletic skills.

Dunne's latest gymnastics workout video has left her fans in awe. Between Instagram and TikTok, she has over 10 million followers, which is a huge number.

Olivia Dunne can be seen doing an amazing routine at the LSU gym in the popular Instagram video.

The routine includes at least four front and back flips, followed by more flips after her first jump, and ends with a perfect landing on her feet.

The video had a comment from Dunne herself that said, "Hey, seniors can also play with new skills! #vuoripartner. "

People who have been watching Olivia Dunne's journey don't find it surprising that she is so good at gymnastics.

As a well-known part of the LSU gymnastics team, she has always shown that she has great skills and works hard at what she does.

Dunne's use of social media has only made her more influential and given hope to aspiring gymnasts and exercise fans.