Dolphins Cheerleader Going Viral Ahead Of The 2023 NFL Season

It is abundantly clear that Jozie Schroder, a cheerleader for the Dolphins, is excited for the 2023 season to start.

Schroder shared a couple photographs on Instagram depicting her playing for the Dolphins in their exhibition game versus the Falcons.

The game was the Dolphins' first of the preseason.

Schroder noted in the description for her photo that the Miami Dolphins would be playing football today.

Say it even louder for the people who are sitting in the back." cheerleader for the Dolphins for a number of seasons,

chroder has been with the team for a while. Her contributions in Miami have not gone unnoticed,

so as a result, she has been extended an invitation to the Pro Bowl in 2023.

Last Friday wasn't particularly eventful for Schroder, so there wasn't much cause for her to celebrate.